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Department Changes (Promotions, Retirements, New Postions)

State Fire Marshall Stacy McIntire promoted to Lieutenant

State Fire Marshall Stacy McIntire was promoted on March 17, 2011 from Detective to Lieutenant. He has been with the state for 6 years, is stationed at the Lake Wales Field Office, and is First Line Supervisor to Detectives. Lieutenant McIntire can be contacted at stacy.mcintire@myfloridacfo.com

Fire News

Units responded to report of a unknown "White Powder"

PCFD, PCSO, State Fire Marshal's Office, Tampa Police Department (Bomb Squad) Fort Meade Fire Department, and PCEMS

responded to report of an unknown "white powder" at the Post Office in Fort Meade. PCFD Special Operations Team also

responded to help with determining with what the substance was. It was later determined that the substance was not harmful. 

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