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Department Changes (Promotions, Retirements, New Postions)

State Fire Marshall Stacy McIntire promoted to Lieutenant

State Fire Marshall Stacy McIntire was promoted on March 17, 2011 from Detective to Lieutenant. He has been with the state for 6 years, is stationed at the Lake Wales Field Office, and is First Line Supervisor to Detectives. Lieutenant McIntire can be contacted at

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Member Focus (Fire)



Member Focus: Jasson Drinkard  

Age:                                   37

Rank:                                 Lieutenant

Agency:                             Polk County Fire Rescue

How Long:                        13 years

Previous Agencies:         Volunteer Hillsborough County Fire Rescue

Academies:                      Ridge Fire Academy, Central Florida

                                           Fire Academy, Florida State Fire College

State Certificates:            Firefighter, EMT, Haz Mat Tech, Instructor 1
                                           Pump Operator, LFTI 2

Area of Expertise:           T.R.T. & HazMat, Instructor of Fire Academy & Special Operations


The Member Focus today is on a Polk County Fire Department Lieutenant Jasson Drinkard. Jasson is 37 years old and is married with one child. When not pursuing his passion of firefighting, Jasson enjoys listening to music, kayaking, cooking and fishing.


Current Department and Assignment
Jasson has been with the Polk County Fire Department for 13 years and has worked his way up through the ranks to Lieutenant. He is currently assigned to Station One C-Shift and is a Squadleader on the Special Operations Team.
One of Jasson’s hopes is that other stations and departments will call for the Special Operations Team sooner rather than later. If you wait to call thinking you can handle the call, but then determine that you do need the special training and tools that they provide - you will have wasted precious time. Jasson’s thought is; “call us, if you think you need us, and if you determine you don’t, then we can simply turn around wasting on fuel”. Jasson hopes to remain where he is for the next few years and continue to gain more experience. Next, he may become a Special Operations Chief or work in the training field.


Motivation and Inspiration for selecting a career in the Fire Service
I asked Jasson why he chose a career in the fire service. He explained that as many of us do, he enjoys the family atmosphere and camaraderie of the fire service. Jasson enjoys working with his crew and says that they often hang out on their days off.

Jasson also remembers that his best friend’s Dad was a Firefighter and he enjoyed listening to the stories the fire service provided. Jasson says he was also inspired to become a Firefighter after being involved in a bad vehicle accident in which he lost his girlfriend at the time. The driver of the other vehicle was DUI and T-boned them.
Jasson also likes the professional people within the fire service and says these are the kinds of people that you will know and respect long after your career is over. Jasson says for someone considering a career in the fire service “it’s the best career you will ever have”.

Calls you remember the most
Jasson recalled a vehicle accident that he worked on 540 in front of the county dump, A Ford F150 was in the left turn lane waiting to turn left; a fully loaded 63,000 pound garbage truck was coming in too fast when it flipped and landed on top of the F150 trapping the driver under it. Another garbage truck turning right slid into the other side of the truck, further pinning the truck. Engine 15 at the time arrived first on scene and requested Special Operations. While enroute to the scene Jasson called and requested a heavy wrecker to respond. Webbs towing arrived with one class D wrecker and soon called for a second. Jasson and the crew considered using airbags to lift the truck, but realized that would take too long when lifting at incremental lifts. The first wrecker hooked to the garbageTruck_on_Truck-1 truck and tried to lift it, but only caused the truck to slide. The second wrecker arrived on scene and the two then lifted the garbage truck enough so that Jasson and his crew could get in and use the spreaders and ram to free the patient. Once free and on the stretcher, Jasson leaned over and asked the patient if he believed in God. His reply was “I do. I go to church every Wednesday and Sunday”. Jasson replied “God was with you today”. The patient later relayed to Jasson that he never lost faith in God or in the Firefighters.



Another challenging call that Jasson experienced was a child trapped in a tree. Upon his arrival on scene Jasson and crew were presented with a child over 40 feet (more than three stories) high in a tree.Child_Trapped_in_Tree-1 The child had climbed up and could not get back down. On this call there was no way to get a ladder truck near the child. For this rescue, a ground ladder was used and then, as a co-worker of Jasson’s put it; “Jasson climbed right up and out onto the tree to reach the child.” As seen in the picture during this intense recue, there was no way to tie off and it was unknown if the limb would hold Jasson and the child’s weight.

Greatest Career accomplishments
When I asked Jasson about his greatest accomplishments, he remembered the day a former patient walked into the station and thanked us for saving her life. Jasson recalled responding from Publix in Station 24’s area to a church about one block away. Upon arrival, they found a woman lying on the ground in full arrest. They applied the A.E.D. and shocked her three times. By the time they arrived at the hospital, the patient was talking to them. Jasson said that about two weeks after the call; the lady walked in with a platter of cookies and brownies and thanked them for saving her life. 

Another call Jasson remembers was on I-4 in 1996. A van with a father, mother and two kids were involved in a roll over. The father died and the mother was ejected. The kids were cut up. The brother was hurt, but crawled out on his own. The daughter was pinned and Jasson got into the van to hold her on C-Spine and comforted the daughter. Years later, while teaching at the Fire Academy in 2002-2003, a student wanted Jasson to meet his fiancé. A woman in a wheelchair and another older woman came in. The girl in the chair instantly recognized Jasson from the accident as being the one who helped her that day. The girl explained that her mother had died from injuries from the accident and that her Grandmother had raised her. The Grandmother told Jasson that the reason the student had signed up to become a firefighter was because of how Jasson had helped during the accident. Jasson recalled tears rolling down both of the women’s faces as well as his own. Jasson says that the student became a firefighter in Lake County and they still stay in touch.

In the past, Jasson has also been a member of the Polk County Sheriff’s Office (S.W.A.T.) Special Weapons And Tactics where his primary duty was Medical Officer.Jasson_swat_medic-1Jasson_swat-1














Jasson has competed in the Combat Challenge three times. The Combat Challenge is a competition in which firefighters compete in a set of evolutions designed around the Fire Service. It is an extremely challenging competition in which the body is pushed to its maximum endurance. Jasson and other team members posted a respectable time of 147.97 in Gainesville. Later they posted a better time of 145.03 in Ashville, NC. The team qualified for the world championships when they placed third at the Police & Fire Games.



 Instructor at Ridge Career Center

Jasson_Ridge-1Jasson also teaches at Ridge Career Center in the Fire Academy Minimum Standards Class and Special Operations classes and serves as the Coordinator of the shift class. The shift class is former EMS employees that have moved over to fire and need to complete Fire Standards. Clint Williams, who is the Director of Ridge Career Centers Fire Academy, says that “Jason is very passionate and technically knowledgeable as well as dependable.” Clint also recalled a time when he needed help setting up the schedule for the Shift Class and asked Jassons for help. The very next day Jasson had the complete schedule ready to go!

One of Jassons motivations for teaching is his desire to help others and maybe prevent a Firefighters death or injury. When talking with Jasson, you get the feeling that this is not just a part time job but a passion to make a difference. Co-Instructor Deputy Chief Jim Davis of Winter Haven Fire Department says that Jasson is “very dedicated at Ridge and is an asset to the fire service in making it safer”. Following Jasson around at the Fire Academy and talking with him, you will find that Jasson is very much an innovator. If someone approaches him with a new idea or new technique he is more than willing to get out on the drill field and put it to the test - this is how you learn new techniques Jasson explains. “Something may sound good on paper, but when you put it to the test it may not work out like you expect. If it doesn’t work, oh well you only loose a little time, but if it does work it may be incorporated into the classes.”

Talking with Jasson you notice that he is excited about the future and new things to learn. (PSN) will be partnering with Jasson in the future, to tap into him for his knowledge and passion, and to make some new videos on fire safety and new techniques. Look for PSN to feature them in the coming months.


More Pictures of Jasson and Crew





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