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State Fire Marshall Stacy McIntire promoted to Lieutenant

State Fire Marshall Stacy McIntire was promoted on March 17, 2011 from Detective to Lieutenant. He has been with the state for 6 years, is stationed at the Lake Wales Field Office, and is First Line Supervisor to Detectives. Lieutenant McIntire can be contacted at stacy.mcintire@myfloridacfo.com

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News thats on Fire!
Fire News
Winter Haven Station 3 runs finger bitten off by dog call!
Fire News

     Winter  Haven Fire Station 3 runs  "finger bitten off by dog call".

Firefighters were dispatched to hemorrhage severe bleeding call on Sunday, upon arrival units found a white male subject who was apparently trying to separate 2 dogs that were fighting. According to the victim the dogs often fought and he had separated them before without incident. This time when he went to separate them the Australian Shepherd bit his right ring finger off. Family members placed the finger in a bowl of ice before the units arrived. Firefighters said that there was not a lot of blood. The victim was transported to an area hospital.



Florida's stand your ground Law
Fire News

Arthur Hayhoe

PASCO COUNTY (Bay News 9) -- Some say Florida's "stand your ground" law is being abused in the legal system.

Max Horn spent the past two years in jail for shooting Joseph Martell during the Chasco Fiesta in New Port Richey in 2008.

Horn said he felt threatened before he started shooting. A jury found him not guilty Thursday.

His defense lawyer, Keith Hammond, believes the jury made the right call.

"We think we got a great result," Hammond said. "We think we got a fair result."

The law states that people have no duty to retreat and have a right to use force if he or she reasonably believes that such force is necessary to prevent imminent death or great bodily harm.

Arthur Hayhoe, with Floridians to Stop Gun Violence, said there have been five other Pasco County cases dismissed because of the law.

"You're going to have more shootings, more of this and it's terrible," Hayhoe said. "I think everyone feels this law needs to (get) back to the legislature but I don't think that'll happen. That's why we're looking for a way to elevate one of these cases to the Supreme Court."

Hammond said he doesn't think the law needs to be changed.

"I think the stand your ground law appears to be written in a manner that's acceptable (if) you're attacked on the streets," he said. "Why shouldn't you be able to defend yourself?"

Why you should join PSN
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Hello everyone thanks for visiting the site. ThePublicSafetyNetwork.com (PSN) is all about Police Fire & EMS personnel and those that support us. There are many benefits coming for you on PSN, to include Group Buying, Group Discount etc. But in order to get there we need members like you. Membership is free and only takes a few minutes to sign up. Take the time to click here and register. Also a quick email to your associates would help. Thanks for your support and we will talk with you soon,

PSN Web Team

Worlds Largest Poker Run
Fire News

The Worlds Largest Poker Run will be held May 1, 2010. It is hosted by the Red Knights Motorcycle Club. Matt Nichols the event coordinator says come out and join in the fun as we attempt to break the 2009 Guinness World Record! This will be the first International motorcycle event held in the United States and Canada to benefit "The Fallen Firefighters Survivors Foundation". For more information about the Poker Run, please contact Matt at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or visit there website at click here.

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